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The Beauty of Fathering During Pregnancy

Our core understandings of babies and early human experience are in the midst of a fundamental paradigm shift. In my article Consciousness at the Beginning of Life, published in this issue of IJHC, I explore this shift and what we are learning from the babys point of view about early human experiences that leads us

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12 Guiding Principles–Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology:Nurturing Human Potential and Optimizing Relationships from the Beginning of Life

Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology (PPN) Understanding our earliest relationship experiences from the babys point of view and how these experiences set in motion life patterns has been the intense study of the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology for over 40 years. The field uses this lens to focus on our earliest human experiences from

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The Influence of Caring and Emotional Intelligence among First-year Baccalaureate Nursing Students

Abstract This research investigation consisted of a quantitative study which explored emotional intelligence (EI) among first-year baccalaureate nursing students in an academic setting. The query was utilized to assess the impact of nursing curriculum on the growth of EI, a caring characteristic deemed desirable by healthcare employers. The study participants were given the Emotional and

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Life Balance, Emotional Stability, Well-Being and Spiritual Awakening

This article introduces the Friedman Life Balance Scale (FLBS), the Friedman Mini- 5 Factor Scale or FM5FS (that includes an emotional stability subscale) and the Friedman Awakening Scale (FAS). It discusses the rationale for developing these scales, their origins and some correlations with other well-known scales. The article then demonstrates how to use the FLBS

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Nondual Languages and Counseling Curriculum: A Student Perspective

Nonduality has been defined as a perennial thread running through wisdom traditions ranging from Buddhism to Advaita Vedanta. This thread offers various teachings and practices, such as meditation, transpersonal development, and contemplative self-awareness. A growing body of data has demonstrated the therapeutic benefits that nonduality can have for mental health professionals and their patients… I

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The Spiritual Component in Wholistic Healing

Abstract Many people in modern society believe that spirituality is no more than antiquated cultural/ religious/ magical beliefs; denial of death; coping mechanisms for unresolved grief; other forms of wishful thinking; or mental aberrations. Growing numbers and varieties of research studies confirming reports of spiritual experiences contradict these disbeliefs. Because spiritual aspects of wholistic healing

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Understanding the Relationship Between Attachment Style, Relationship Satisfaction, Illness Behaviours, and Psychological Distress in Couples

This study examined the individual and dyadic attachment processes and relationship satisfaction ratings among adults in an intimate relationship and their relationship to psychological distress and illness attitudes. Study participants included 104 individuals (52 couples) who completed a questionnaire package which included the Experiences in Close Relationships Questionnaire-Revised (ECR-R), the Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS), the

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Miriam – Dynamind Treatment with Judy Steele, MTP

A year following my car accident, I continued to experience daily, debilitating pain in my back, neck, arms and hands. Because this puzzled my Chiropractor, even though we were doing everything we could, Id begun to sense that there was another component to the pain I experienced. On an energetic level, as well as emotional,

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Treating “Frozen” Latent Fantasies in Trauma Therapy

Trauma involves dissociation, and dissociation from the reality of the present moment can produce varieties of fantasies, such as a revenge fantasy or a fantasy that the traumatic event did not occur. These fantasies can become an integral aspect of the trauma itself, capable both of triggering posttraumatic symptoms and interfering with treatment and healing.

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Healing the Collective PTSD of Humanity

AbstractSerious global challenges in our world threaten the continuation of human life and of most life as we know it on our planet today. Humanity as a whole appears determined to suicide through any or all of a variety of abuses by humans of each other and of our planet. This discussion explores the possibility

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