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Benefits of Intergenerational Programming

Abstract Said the little boy, Sometimes I drop my spoon. Said the old man, I do that too. The little boy whispered, I wet my pants. I do that too, laughed the little old man. Said the little boy, I often cry. The old man nodded, So do I. But worst of all, said the

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Being Here

Ive been resisting doing energy work, lately, preferring to focus on simply being present with myself in life. Not doing for others. Not serving which feels to me like a laden word and concept these days. So I was surprised the other day when I felt compelled to do energy work with a woman who

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Art & Healing

Ive always wanted to be an artist. So I made up my mind one day in the year 1991. I started making things and havent stopped. I dont try to complicate life or my art. You can admire the simple beauty in it. It may leave you in awe, but its not complicated. This computer

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Circles: A Merging of Art and Intuition

Our energetic bodies, which are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, carry a wealth of information and insights about who we are, who we were and who we are able to become. These have color, shape and symbolic meaning, containing rich resources for growth, creativity and healing. Intuition can bring about the recognition and identification of

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Migraine Aura: Suggestions for Spiritual Approaches to Migraine Headaches

Abstract: In the 1990s, practitioners of orthodox scientific medicine engaged in dialogues with much passion about the reintegration of religion into medicine. It was shown that many complaints and illnesses are soothed more easily if the patient is spiritually active. This article is a contribution to this development. It examines the phenomenon of the migraine

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Elimination of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Other Psychiatric Symptoms from a Disabled Vietnam Veteran in Just Six Sessions Using Healing from the Body Level Up Methodology, an Energy …

Increasing numbers of returning veterans and veterans of previous conflicts are being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other psychological problems caused by military service. It is important to develop brief and effective treatment methods to facilitate reentry into civilian life. Energy psychology techniques have been found effective for rapidly treating

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The Emergence of the Goddess

The mystery of the woman is hidden in the depths of the heart. Her innocence is protected in the embrace that surrounds her like the petals of the rose surround the bud. The secrets of her nature are revealed when the light of the spirit of love beholds the fullness of her being, and the

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Editorial of Editor Listening from Within the Heart

In a world that is mainly characterized by doing, by results and measurable accomplishments, and by doing more and more in a shorter period of time, Being remains a largely foreign notion. Often we will hear people talk about doing nothing, which may include watching television or surfing the net, according to their definition. Is

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