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Heart Rhythm Meditation to Reduce Auditory Hallucinations and Anxiety: A Single Case Study unpublished version

Abstract Objective: Exploration of new ways of self-soothing and grounding to help with the integration of the fragmented self of a person diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. Design: Single case study comparing symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia while on antipsychotic medication plus body-mind focusing exercises followed by a period without medication in which body-mind focusing exercises were

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Empathy, Intention, and Attunement in Healing Touch (HT): A Small Phenomenological Study

Abstract Objective: To explore patients lived experience and process of receiving Healing Touch (HT) biofield therapy during serious illness. The intent was to document the full range of outcomes experienced by the patients; most notably, whether the use of energy healing transformed the patients self-perceptions, attitudes, thoughts, emotions and behaviors regarding their illnesses and recoveries.

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Childrens Fears

By Daniel Benor, MD Children at any age may be frightened by experiences in real life or through the media, particularly when they observe violence or injuries. They may easily misunderstand what has happened and may be scared that the same or worse could happen to them. Adults may assume that the children are simply

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Non-Catheter simple, non-invasive, bladder draining method with no running costs

Abstract This paper introduces a method of completely avoiding antibiotics for post-operative prostate patients having a much-reduced ability to pass urine. Antibiotics are otherwise continually needed to treat recurring infections caused by catheters used for bladder draining. Frequently after a prostate removal operation, the bladder cannot be emptied because the detrusor (bladder-squeezing muscle) had been

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Why Do We Dance

From Shiloh a Native Jesus, by Steven WinterHawk A child asked her Grandmother: Why do we Dance? Her Grandmother answered: Did you not hear about Wounded Knee?

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Overview of Complementary/Alternative Medicine in the Cuban Health System

Abstract WHO/PAHO have acclaimed Cuba for achieving full access to primary care and developing pharmaceutical solutions from research into neglected diseases which plague developing nations. The Cuban health system currently incorporates a wide variety of TM therapies that are consistently integrated with conventional medical approaches to treat a broad range of afflictions In Cuba, Traditional

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Elimination of PTSD and Psychiatric Symptoms in One to Six Sessions in Two Civilian Women and One Female Iraq War Veteran Using Healing from the Body Level Up (HBLUTM)

Abstract Background: PTSD is a serious problem in the Unites States, and not just among veterans. The U.S. National Comorbidity Replication Survey estimated the lifetime prevalence of PTSD among adults at 6.8% and that women were more than twice as likely as men to have PTSD at some point in their lives. Therefore, it is

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