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Professional Behavior and the Energy Practitioner

 Melinda H. Connor, D.D., Ph.D., AMP, FAM, EHP-C   How does one define a professional when looking at an energy healing practitioner? Is it their behavior? Is it that their work-space is appropriate? Is it that they hold themselves to the highest levels of integrity? Do they dress appropriately? Do they maintain proper and healthy boundaries?

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Dr. Melinda H. Connor,   DD, Ph.D., AMP, FAM, EHP-C When one looks at the scope of energy practices across this country it is interesting to see that there is little direct focus on the societal laws which govern us day to day from within the community. Instead, there is a marked expectation that the community

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We Must Remember: The Battle Never Ends

One of my earliest memories is of my mother telling me, “A good husband is a wonderful thing and a good marriage makes life happy. But never forget that sometimes a husband can die, and then, my dear, it’s up to you. Always make sure that you can manage your own life.” As time went by, I began to see the wisdom of her words, and I came to value my independence. Even more, I saw that when a woman controls her own life and her own money, she can function successfully either with a husband or without. Above all, she can make her own decisions about how she wishes to live her own life. It never occurred to me that such independence of mind and action—perhaps especially for a woman—would be endangered.

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A Personal Perspective on Abortion

When I was in high school in the 1970’s, one of my friends in home room that morning came in and did not look good. She was paper white. My friend Kathy and I asked her what was wrong and she replied, “Nothing, do not talk too loud, please!” Then she took a deep breath, fell out of her chair, and proceeded to hemorrhage all over the floor. She had had a backroom abortion the night before and that morning died in front of me as she bled out.

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Talking about Covid: Either/or vs. both/and

By Rick Leskowitz MD Overview We live in a time of great polarization, when our societys attention seems to be focused on what divides us rather than what unites us. And the Covid story is the primary forum where this divisiveness is playing out. Theres no consensus on any given aspect of Covid, so people

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Sport and Social Transformation

(The following is a lightly edited transcript of Jean Houstons remarks that began the above online presentation about the role of sports and consciousness in fostering social transformation). What role does sports have to play in todays societal breakdown? Yes, we are in a time of enormous breakdown and also breakthrough. Its the changing of

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How Do Energy Psychology Modalities Work? An Energy-Based Theoretical Perspective

Abstract Energy Psychology (EP) modalities, integrative methods that strategically involve accessing human energy for therapeutic purposes, enjoy a rich and diverse evidence base. As such, many attempts have been made to explain how they work. Explanations have primarily utilized a biological basis for explicating the mechanisms by which EP may function. These contributions are extremely

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Reply to How Do Energy Psychology Modalities Work by Debra Greene

First of all, I am flattered to have my published speculations over the past decade about the mechanisms involved in the strong outcomes produced by acupoint tapping protocols elevated into what Debra Greene graciously calls The Feinstein Model and describes as the theoretical model that is the most widely accepted. Greenes subsequent challenges to that

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Exercise and Covid: Enhancing Immunity while Expanding Consciousness

Introduction Humanity in lockdown faces the disease challenge of the century. Medical experts the world over are attempting to manage the Covid crisis by using the tools they know best. From public health measures like masking and social distancing, to the pharmaceutical quest for a preventive vaccine, the emphasis from the medical establishment has been

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