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Dr. Melinda H. Connor,   DD, Ph.D., AMP, FAM, EHP-C

When one looks at the scope of energy practices across this country it is interesting to see that there is little direct focus on the societal laws which govern us day to day from within the community. Instead, there is a marked expectation that the community as a whole will not be understood and will actively be slandered. As practitioners know, change begins with personal transformation. Scientists need your help. Could you please develop groups with the express purpose of resolving the legislative issues around energy healing and who may practice so that scientist may move forward with research in this area?

As a community of practitioners, from the broader legislative perspective based on these new laws, we are not being seen as energy practitioners, instead we are being seen as massage therapists. The two are different. This is not to denigrate massage therapists who are also engaged in doing energy practices of some type. Nor is this an attempt to remove energy practices from either the scope of practice or the skills of a massage therapist. For a massage therapist, who is called to do the work, energy practices can and should be included within the massage therapy scope of practice. And in that situation it is appropriate for the board of registration in massage to oversee energy practices within the massage therapy community. It is however a limited view and form of how the energy practices, can and should, be done and governed in this country.

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