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Professional Behavior and the Energy Practitioner

Professional Behavior and the Energy Practitioner

 Melinda H. Connor, D.D., Ph.D., AMP, FAM, EHP-C 

 How does one define a professional when looking at an energy healing practitioner? Is it their behavior? Is it that their work-space is appropriate? Is it that they hold themselves to the highest levels of integrity? Do they dress appropriately? Do they maintain proper and healthy boundaries? Has the practitioner done the necessary work to receive a business license? Has the practitioners work-space been reviewed for fire and safety? What about their credentials as a practitioner? And what credentials does the practitioner have and exactly what do the credentials that they have mean? 

 Given the data which we have at this time, within the energy practitioner community we have a hodge podge of awareness of appropriate behavior, understanding of the local legal situations, understanding of things like referrals, phone messages, and boundary conditions. The level of overall professionalism within our community is actually very low. At the same time the level of practitioner demand of the public for recognition that our industry is professional, ethical and producing quality results, is high. Let’s get to specifics so that we can clean up our mess and behave at the level of professional respect wee expect we wish to be given by the public. 

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