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Day: June 5, 2024

Editorial Musings

Dr. Daniel Sipple, MD Long Covid represents a $3.7 trillion global economic and humanistic disease burden. At present, there are no known FDA cleared treatments for this condition. Use of Photobiomodulation (PBM) for the use of Long Covid Brain Fog is known to be non-hazardous and has demonstrated strong efficacy in eradicating Long Covid Brain

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Changes in Cognitive-Affective Balance and Flexibility, Life Balance, Depression, Anxiety, Self-Forgiveness, Valuing, Well-Being, Spiritual Awakening, Cognitive Fusion, Experiential Avoidance, the Working Alliance, and Outcome in Psychotherapy

By Philip Friedman, Ph.D and John Freedom, CEHP This practice-based evidence approach demonstrates how to measure change, using digital assessments by Pragmatic Tracker and Blueprints weekly on a wide variety of empirical measures. The article utilizes an ICBEST model for psychotherapeutic interventions. Some of the specific interventions utilized in this case study include integrated forgiveness

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Professional Behavior and the Energy Practitioner

 Melinda H. Connor, D.D., Ph.D., AMP, FAM, EHP-C   How does one define a professional when looking at an energy healing practitioner? Is it their behavior? Is it that their work-space is appropriate? Is it that they hold themselves to the highest levels of integrity? Do they dress appropriately? Do they maintain proper and healthy boundaries?

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The Well- Lived Life

“A 103 year-old Doctor’s Six Secrets to Health and Happiness at Every Age”By Gladys McGarey, MD with forward by Dr. Mark Hyman  Book Review by Lisa Nemzo Not everyone has the ability to break down the complexities of human emotions; grief, stuckness etc, examining each eloquently, offering concrete step by step solutions- all the while

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Philip Friedman, Ph.D

By John Freedom, CEHP Dr. Phil Friedman passed away Saturday, June 29, 2024. Born October 4, 1941, he was the son of the late Leonard and Miriam (Solomon) Friedman, the loving husband of Teresa Molinaro-Friedman, and father of Matthew Friedman. Dr. Friedman received his B.A. from Columbia University in 1963 and his PhD from the

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