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Case Study: Reintroducing Allergenic Foods to a Child with Multiple Food Allergies using Energy Medicine

Case Study: Reintroducing Allergenic Foods to a Child with Multiple Food Allergies using Energy Medicine

By Rachel Rice, MM, EEM-AP and Kate Sambuco, EEM-CP

The purpose of this case study is to share an exploration of energy medicine, specifically Eden Energy Medicine, as an adjunct to traditional therapy for food allergies in a child. Materials used were a small sample of allergenic foods (samples of beef, pork, chicken, and egg), a set of 10 biomagnetic pairs, one ceramic strontium ferrite ring magnet (1.25in x .25in), one round faceted .75in crystal, and one stainless steel spoon. The method used was a retrospective analysis and summarization of clinical and post-clinical interventions and results, as well as a retrospective analysis of historical IgE data. The subject of this case study is a child with a history of anemia, celiac disease, and multiple food allergies. The intervention used was a series of 12 clinical Eden Energy Medicine Sessions over the course of 5 months, as well as ongoing homecare and ongoing weekly and biweekly in-home sessions facilitated by the parent. Outcome measures include decreases in allergic response to food and increases in the body’s ability to accept foods. As a result of the intervention, previously allergenic foods were successfully reintroduced without a rise in IgE levels or physical symptoms. Simultaneously, the IgE levels for the targeted foods went down over time. These findings appear to support the effectiveness of energy medicine, when used as a complementary approach in the management of food allergies. The findings also support research showing that complementary medicine can assist in the adjunct treatment of allergies (Chan and Ng, 2020; Li, 2018), as well as the supposition of energy medicine being useful in improving the health of those with allergies (Eden and Feinstein, 2008).

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