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Editorial Musings

Editorial Musings

Dr. Daniel Sipple, MD

Long Covid represents a $3.7 trillion global economic and humanistic disease burden. At present, there are no known FDA cleared treatments for this condition. Use of Photobiomodulation (PBM) for the use of Long Covid Brain Fog is known to be non-hazardous and has demonstrated strong efficacy in eradicating Long Covid Brain Fog in the course of twelve 14-minute sessions in one month.

Given the growing evidence and non-significant risk of PBM, and lack of any definitive treatment, Hyperchargeoffers PBM to the community in what is known as off label use. The FDA, while deeming PBM non-hazardous and a non-significant risk, does not have a specific approval for its use with Long Covid Brain Fog at this time. As it often takes years of research to gain FDA clearance, and as PBM can readily be deployed, we believe that responsible offering of off label use is a reasonable option to consider in conjunction with a shared decision-making process with one’s health care team.

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