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What do you look for when you select an Energy Practitioner?

What do you look for when you select an Energy Practitioner?

How do you tell if they are a good Healer?
Melinda H. Connor, D.D., Ph.D., AMP, FAM, EHP-C

Students come to me regularly with the question of what constitutes a good healer and how do I select one for myself? The answer is that it is a mix. The basics are the same if you are looking for a physician, nutritionist, alternative practitioner of some type or energy practitioner. If you are looking for any practitioner you will want someone with good skills, good ethics, a solid level of professionalism and skill in the area where you as a client need support. And I wish it was as simple as just those items when you select an energy practitioner. In energy healing it is a more complex situation. 

First, the person who is working on the client has to be able to work in a compatible frequency range. Then, that frequency range has to be compatible to do the repair/healing work on the particular issue. You must have a practitioner who can do both. Moreover, this is both a doing and a being. The practitioner must embody both aspects no matter the style of the work which they use.

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