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Inquiry and Imagination: Transformation and Healing in the Process of A Doctoral Dissertation

Abstract The author explores the revelatory nature of imagery and its role as the agent of healing and transformation in students experiences during their doctoral dissertation process. The author discusses the contribution of imagination and creativity to personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal development in the context of academic pursuit, with emphasis on honoring the learners imaginal

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Deceiving People Into Health

Many years ago one of our children brought home a canvas he had decorated in his school art class. He had filled the entire canvas with the word words. As a surgeon what immediately struck me was that you can kill or cure with a sword, or scalpel. But that you could also kill or

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Could Pretending Be a Vehicle to Other Dimensions?

Abstract With a childhood seemingly tailor-made to highlight and strengthen the aspects of imagination that tend to fade with the process of becoming adults, Marlana explores how imagination can become an intentional tool in our daily lives. Discover the simplicity of connecting with pets, loved ones who have passed over and even Angels.

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Methods for Lucid Dream Induction

Abstract Lucid dreaming is self-consciousness or self-awareness while dreaming. Normally, we are self-conscious or self-aware in our ordinary waking state, but not during dreams, when we are conscious but not self-conscious. In the usual dreaming sleep, the left brain hemisphere is closed down, leaving the right hemisphere active. The right hemisphere employs emotional, gestaltic, intuitive,

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Homeopathy and Psychotherapy

Abstract Homeopathy is the second major form of medicine in the world, used by an estimated 500 million people (Fisher, 2006; Schmukler, 2009) and included in the National Health Service in several countries, such as France, Mexico and Denmark. A comprehensive analysis of research evidence to date on the effectiveness, safety, and cost of homeopathy

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Transforming Darkness Into Light

Abstract This article looks at traditional treatment methods for severe emotional disorders and presents an alternative, integrative approach. It distinguishes between negative ideas that are generated from inside of a person and strong detrimental impacts that seem to attack from a source outside of the person. Two thousand years ago, these outside forces were called

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Pronoia: Attitudinal Change, Love and Spirituality

Pronoia is the opposite of paranoia. It is the belief that the universe is plotting to make you happy and that there is nothing you can do about it. Having a positive attitude is an important aspect of healing and optimism is an important predictor of disease resilience. Many of us have had peak experiences

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Birth Stories – Facilitating with Integrative Energy Healing

Combining evidence-based prenatal teaching with Integrative Healing Techniques results in healthier and wholistic birthing experiences. The total length of labor is shortened, the experience of labor discomfort is less, thus reducing the need for medical analgesia. There is an increase in the release of endorphins and an optimum position of the foetus prior to birth

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