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Love, Laughter, Humor and Healing

Humor and laughter have sustained me in my work and sustains and heals my patients on their path to healing from a variety of health challenges. Acting like a child helped me to see the world with joy and bring out the child in others. Despite our wounds we can still laugh. Live your life

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Part III: Meditations on destiny

I made the seven Destiny essences over a period of months and during this time, also received a series of meditations. Several destiny-themes emerged to give multi-dimensionality to the kit. I believe these meditations will expand users imagination and help to deepen the work with the kit in many different ways.

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ESSENCE OF HEALING: Vibrational infusion of flower essences

Vibrational Infusion is a method that uses intention to receive the benefits of flower essences (such as Andrea Mathiesons Raven Essences) without ingesting them. After developing and using this method for several years, Karin Cremasco found she could also teach others to use this vibrational essence method. Cremasco and Mathieson developed what is essentially a

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Part II: A short primer on the Raven Flower Essence

Introduction The following writing accompanies the Destiny kit of essences, made over a six-month cycle in 2005. With the Irish kit, I was inspired directly by the landscape. In making the Destiny kit, I was prompted by my inner guidance to make the kit by creating various combinations from my repertoire of three hundred essences.

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Inter-Ethnic Training With Psychodrama Methods

Peter Huncik reports the outstanding successes of inter-ethnic psychodrama group work in reaching understanding, reconciliation and forgiveness between people of diverse backgrounds who had previously been extremely antagonistic towards each other in Slovakia. His team has also worked with Hungarians, Poles, Romanians, Israelis and Palestininians.

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Ways to Reach Your Spiritual Heart

The heart is a spiritual organ Traditionally, cardiologists are trained to consider the heart as a muscle whose primary purpose is to pump blood. When it malfunctions, they believe it needs to be medicated, cut, sutured, by-passed or transplanted. Despite the best efforts of conventional medicine, the American Heart Statistics indicate that the Cardiovascular deaths

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The ‘Place of Joy’: A Collaborative Method of Induction in Past Life Regression

A profoundly transformative combination of therapies for individuals and families Past life regressions can add many dimensions to psychotherapy. They may release traumatic roots of current-life symptoms that have puzzled therapists and patients and have resisted more conventional psychotherapeutic approaches. They can be rapidly and profoundly transformative not only in dealing with psychological issues but

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