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Integrating Healing/Reiki into the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK

I have been employed as a Spiritual Healer/ Reiki practitioner on the Hematology Unit at University College London Hospital (UCLH) for the past five years. This is an acute care 40 bed unit which is based over two floors. Our patients are generally having treatment for hematology diseases. These include leukemia, myeloma (bone marrow cancer),

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Borderline Personality (Part2): Recovering from Abuse

During my psychiatric training I was cautioned to never treat more than two people with BPD during any one time period, because of the difficulty in treating people with BPD. The reality is that half of the people in psychiatric hospitals suffer from BPD, so this recommendation was a theoretical one, and not a practical

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Energy Work as an Adjunct to Radiation Therapy

Healing can prevent side effects of radiotherapy In the last year I have had the privilege of meeting healers from all over the country. Some of them have shared tales of their most profound healing experiences with me. My friend David recently shared a story that shows how intent and belief can turn even a

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Resonance Tuning And Self-Healing

Resonance Tuning is a process that was discovered in the mid 1990s as one way to balance biological energy fields. While there is no objective evidence that this is being accomplished, the clinical results that many people are getting are consistent with the theory. Using a Resonance Tuner in the form of a small card,

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The Wilson Effect: A Case for Transpersonal Healing Properties of Placebo

The word placebo derives from the Latin phrase I shall please (The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 1974). In modern clinical medicine, the placebo has become known as a pharmacologically inert treatment provided to compare/contrast with an active treatment (e.g. medication, surgery, psychotherapy, healing) in clinical trials (Harrington, 1999). However, in the broader setting of general medical practice,

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The Intuitive Manager and Innovation in Healthcare

Few would argue that our health care system is in need of change, but change comes very slowly and has to overcome many resistances. Intuition can facilitate changes that are healing to all levels of our health care system. Intuition and change Intuition gives birth to innovation. Innovation results in social and organizational change. Highly

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Medical Student Idealism Meets Medical System Realities

I spoke with a third-year classmate today. Ill call him Todd. Todd is a very decent guy; He is considerate and intelligent, and will be a fine orthopedic surgeon. He shared some of his disappointments with me: Before medical school he dreamed of being a physician working with a team of dedicated people who spend

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