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Awakening to a Consciousness of Love and Healing

AbstractAwakening to the Consciousness of Love and Healing heralds a radical transformation that can be as life-changing for us and for those we subsequently touch as the taming of fire was for our earliest progenitors. Because this emergent Consciousness provides the necessary energy, motivation, and power to support new and creative responses to threat, it

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The ‘Sickening’ Search for Health: Ivan Illich’s revised thoughts on the medicalization of life and medical iatrogenesis.

Abstract: Ivan Illichs claim that the medical establishment has become a major threat to health as a result the medicalisation of life and the development of medical iatrogenesis (negative medical effects on health) appears to have been accurately prophetic. Expensive, specialised, intensive, technological and professionalised care has developed to the point that the general community

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In Search of Mindfulness

Having gained insights into the nature of mindfulness, primarily through the engagement in specific craft activity, the author embarked upon a journey through Japan in order to further explore the subject of mindfulness in relation to both craft production and in its applications to health care practice. Relating these experiences to the Western interpretation of

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Healing Humanity with Homeopathy: Homeopathy for epidemics, collective trauma and endemic diseases

Abstract: Homeopathy has proven to be a potent and effective system for healing individuals because individualizing each case is the essence to its methodology. Homeopathys greatest asset, though, appears to be in individualizing treatments for larger totalities, such as epidemic diseases. There are impressive historic examples of such broader applications of homeopathy the 20th century.

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REBALANCING FOR CHILDREN: Pediatric Physical Therapy, Intuition and Healing

Abstract I work with children from infancy through age 5 years, helping them accommodate to or overcome musculoskeletal, sensorimotor and/or neurological problems that have often defied correction within conventional medical treatments. For more than thirty years I have studied and practiced mainstream approaches to physical therapy for children. I follow or am involved in research

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RELIGION AS EXPERIENCE: the convergence of INDIA and the WEST since 1770

This article explores how the understanding of human perception and specifically its ability to grasp the numinous has developed in the West since seventeen-seventy, and how it has increasingly related to the experiential Vedantic tradition of India. Beginning with the thought of David Hume, the first person in modern times to insist on the exclusive

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FAMILY REPATTERNING: Clearing ancestral patterns

Family Repatterning is based on systemic family constellation work and also incorporates the use of guided imagery and energy psychology. This embodied method done in a workshop setting enlists a healing circle of participants to help individuals trace their current life patterns back to their familial sources, which are often traumatic events in a familys

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This discussion traces a relationship between Jungian psychology and more ancient methods of dream tending and storytelling. Utilizing the modality of Algonkin Traditional dreamstorytelling as a medium for constellating, activating, and sharing the tribal dream, Jungian approaches to group dreams and group dream work are explored, using sociological and narrative lenses. The conceptual frameworks of

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