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Tools to Complement Cancer Treatment

In 1990, at the age of 32, I was diagnosed with a rare cancer. I had noticed a lump under my eyelid and my eye was protruding. I was sent to an ophthalmologist and was diagnosed with an infected tear gland, put on antibiotics and sent home. The lump did not go away. I was

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Consciousness at the Beginning of Life

I began my career in Kentucky as an obstetrical nurse and childbirth educator in the 1970s. I loved caring for parents as they birthed and raised their babies. To be at the leading edge of my work, I got my masters degree in early development and my doctorate in counseling psychology. I thought I knew

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Black Swans and Quotation Marks: Is Energy Real?

Abstract: Paradigm shifts often require a black swan event in order to reach a tipping point. This article describes several ways in which the materialist paradigm of medicine has been approaching such an inflection point, one that would require acceptance of the existence of such intangible factors as energy and consciousness. Interventions like yoga, meditation

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Childhood and Adult Sexual Trauma

Abstract Sexual abuse is a major problem in the US. Research shows that one third of all females and one fifth of all males have suffered sexual abuse under the age of 18. Sexual abuse in children produces trauma that is deeper because this is also a betrayal of the child’s trust in adults to

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The Best Possible Healthcare, Part 2

The Best Possible Healthcare requires fully functioning physicians. Today, over 50% of practicing physicians suffer from burnout, a syndrome of exhaustion, cynicism, and decreased effectiveness at work The regulation of medical care today in the U.S. is based on the Disease Focused Medical Care Model, focusing on the disease the patient has and not the

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The Best Possible HealthCare, Part 1.

Abstract The legislation that was passed in the US may have expanded health care coverage, but it will not bring patients and their physicians into a more healing relationship. That will require expanding the current paradigms of medical care. This article will examine Disease Focused Medical Practice (DFMP). It will describe two other healthcare practice

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Mythology as Preparer for Our Age

Abstract Since the 19th Century, there has been an assumption that ancient people made up stories to describe what they could not understand. Although the content of the Mysteries cannot be known through written records as their content was communicated orally, the Mysteries revered the Truth just as todays sciences do. This paper takes the

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Psychospiritual Reflections on the 2016 US Elections

Apart from war itself (and competitive sports), there may be no collective activity that elicits such deeply felt emotions from a nations populace as politics in general and elections in particular. Who rises to the surface as a candidate, what demographics they appeal to, how they generate waves of enthusiasm these are all topics that

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Healing a Country: Rwandans Lead the Way

This is a report on an extremely effective method for treatment of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) a problem that is being experienced increasingly around the world. Until recently, treatments for PTSD have been disappointingly limited in their benefits. The experiences of a team of therapists practicing Thought Field Therapy (TFT) in Rwanda are shared,

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