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EXTREME Self Care: The Key to Being Resilient in Real Time

Abstract In your busy life, perhaps including a demanding profession, you devote so much dedication, commitment, energy, and concern that you run the risk of achieving BURNOUT or becoming numb from the stress of continual demands on your mind, body and spirit. You can get so caught up in doing so much for others that

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Pain, the Unwanted Gift

At workshops I frequently ask people if they would like to be free of all pain, both; emotional and physical. However, I tell those who sign up for what they think will be a gift to take my phone number with them so when they experience the problems associated with feeling no pain they can

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Shift a nervous system – and you shift the world!

Abstract In the footsteps of conflict there is often more conflict, because hurt people hurt people. Experiencing emotional and traumatic stress can cause our nervous systems to go into a state of hypervigilance, triggering defence and attack reactions in situations where they no longer are necessary. In areas of conflict and post-conflict there is rarely

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I Hate You

Many years ago I was asked to see a young woman a talented musician, tripped at home and fell into the fireplace, seriously burning her hands, arms, upper torso and neck Her hands were disfigured and she was very depressed knowing this end her musical career. I admitted her to the hospital and each morning

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Helping the 911 Dispatchers with Thought Field Therapy

Here is an introduction to what it is like to be a Telecommunicator. These are often The Forgotten Victims of trauma incidents. I also share a sampling of possible solutionsHowever, the dispatchers may take on peoples stress and grief, with little or no outlet for release. Connecting with the dispatcher and using the methods developed

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A Multi-Dimensional View of Psyche: Psychosis or a Very Intuitive Person?

This article reports a single-case study of a woman diagnosed with psychosis who heard voices and suffered for 25 years with heavy feelings of depression. She had been unresponsive to traditional psychiatric treatment during this entire time. With one session of energy therapy, she had a complete remission of her symptoms. Barbara Stone, PhD, used

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Sound Medicine: Using State-of-the-Art Technology to Facilitate Deep Relaxation, Sleep and Pain Management unpublished version

Abstract: The human brain and mind, our 3-pound universe, is the key to each and every moment of our lives. Neuroscience demonstrates that the brain speaks and processes information in specific frequency ranges, including delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. Audio technologies, including drumming, and chanting have been used for millennia to influence the brain

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Another Step for Energy Psychology

A glossy magazine published quarterly for the members of the New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA) has devoted its Winter issue to Energy Psychology. That a state psychological association would so prominently bring Energy Psychology to the attention of its members represents another milestone in the increasing acceptance and clinical uses of these approaches.

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Family Constellations and the Evolution of Worldviews Part 2 of 3: Time, Space, and Consciousness

Abstract In lieu of an Abstract I present an outline of the contents of this discussion. Synopsis of Part One The Dual Network Model A Worldview for Constellation Effects Relativity and Early Quantum Physics Later Quantum Discoveries Quantum Confusion Social Conscience, Historical Trauma, and Scientific Reality Constellating the Intellectual Tribes Parapsychologythe Great Exclusion Conclusionif Consciousness

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