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Shift a nervous system – and you shift the world!

Shift a nervous system – and you shift the world!


In the footsteps of conflict there is often more conflict, because hurt people hurt people. Experiencing emotional and traumatic stress can cause our nervous systems to go into a state of hypervigilance, triggering defence and attack reactions in situations where they no longer are necessary. In areas of conflict and post-conflict there is rarely an infrastructure allowing conventional treatments for trauma on a one-to-one basis. An optimal solution is one that can be carried from peer to peer by non-specialists, empowering each individual to be able to stabilize themselves and their community. One such method has been taught in over 20 countries since 2007 in a model that allows it to spread efficiently, at the lowest cost possible, with maintained integrity and a minimum of spoken interventions. It is called the Trauma Tapping Technique.

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