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IJHC Book Reviews September 2017

-Ted Zeff, PhD. The Highly Sensitive Persons Survival Guide: Essential Skills for Living Well in an Overstimulating World Tobin Hart, PhD. The Secret Spiritual World of Children: The breakthrough discovery that profoundly alters our conventional view of childrens mystical experiences Gwynne Dyer, PhD. Climate Wars

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Quantum-Touch® Significantly Reduces Acute and Chronic Pain in Adults

Abstract The objective of this clinical trial was to evaluate the efficacy of Quantum-Touch in alleviating acute and chronic pain in 41 subjects who suffered from a spectrum of pains, including arthritis, injury, back pain, stress, work related muscle overuse, headache, cancer treatment, gallbladder (following surgical removal), fibromyalgia and Parkinsons Disease. In this pilot study,

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Shift a nervous system – and you shift the world!

Abstract In the footsteps of conflict there is often more conflict, because hurt people hurt people. Experiencing emotional and traumatic stress can cause our nervous systems to go into a state of hypervigilance, triggering defence and attack reactions in situations where they no longer are necessary. In areas of conflict and post-conflict there is rarely

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Childhood and Adult Sexual Trauma

Abstract Sexual abuse is a major problem in the US. Research shows that one third of all females and one fifth of all males have suffered sexual abuse under the age of 18. Sexual abuse in children produces trauma that is deeper because this is also a betrayal of the child’s trust in adults to

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Renovating the Boxes We Build and Live In

Introduction We are all creatures of habit. As we grow up in childhood, we take on from our family and community the language and concepts for the world at large around us. We cannot avoid acquiring habits of per-ceiving, naming, interpreting, describing and dealing with the worlds we live in. While on the one hand

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