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Quantum-Touch® Significantly Reduces Acute and Chronic Pain in Adults

Quantum-Touch® Significantly Reduces Acute and Chronic Pain in Adults


The objective of this clinical trial was to evaluate the efficacy of Quantum-Touch in alleviating acute and chronic pain in 41 subjects who suffered from a spectrum of pains, including arthritis, injury, back pain, stress, work related muscle overuse, headache, cancer treatment, gallbladder (following surgical removal), fibromyalgia and Parkinsons Disease. In this pilot study, 17 international practitioners assessed their clients using a Visual Analog Scale (VAS) before and after Quantum-Touch treatments. Results demonstrated a decrease in self-reported pain for all 65 assessments. There was an overall 67.4% reduction VAS scores intensity after a Quantum-Touch intervention in subjects between the ages of 29-72 for both acute and chronic pain. In 18.46% of the assessments, there was a complete elimination of pain after one treatment and in 55.35% of all Quantum-Touch treatments, VAS scores decreased from a range of 5-9 to a range of 0-2, a substantial reduction in pain. The VAS score results, combined with reported subject feedback after Quantum-Touch treatments, demonstrate that Quantum-Touch is an effective non-pharmaceutical pain remedy.

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