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Family Constellations and the Evolution of Worldviews Part 1 of 3

AbstractIn lieu of an Abstract I present an outline of the contents of this discussion. Introduction to Family Constellations and the Articles Overview The Process The Perspective Origins Part OneParadigm and Paradox Challenging the Western Worldview A Paradox Unpacked Paradigm and Progress in Science Farewell Organism, Hello Clockwork Descartes and Darwin Towards Talking with Scientists

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Logosynthesis: Energy Healing with Words

AbstractLogosynthesis is an Energy Psychology technique and approach that was developed by Willem Lammers. Although Logosynthesis draws from various schools of psychology especially Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Transactional Analysis, as well as from the field of Energy Psychology it is essentially a trans-psychological technique or approach, as it is one of the few psychological approaches that

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Psychological Freedom Therapy: Case Study of the Psychological Adjustment to Tinnitus

Abstract Tinnitus is sound in one or both ears that occurs without an external stimulus. Approximately ninety percent of tinnitus patients have hearing loss. There are no treatments that reliably eliminate tinnitus. Lack of psychological adjustment to tinnitus can cause psychopathology. This case study describes the integration of techniques from Thought Field Therapy and Emotional

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PresentChild: The Child as a Perfect Remedy for the Parent

Abstract Children are the ultimate remedy for their parents and the cured parents become the perfect remedy for their children. This article discusses how mirroring principles can be used in the treatment of children by considering their signs and symptoms as an expression of the source of healing they are for their parent(s). Helping parents

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Being at Peace where We Are

Ive been grappling with a question a beloved reader sent: How to feel peace in a world so torn by war and greed, rape of the environment and each other? It can be a hard world. The news bears that out and drives it home. Im not sure its ever been otherwise, but the sheer

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Dew and Flower Essences

Abstract In many regions dew is crucial for providing nourishment and necessary moisture for countless plants and animals. It has been highly regarded around the world by many traditions as a symbol of rebirth and regeneration, and considered to have important healing powers.

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Change Begins With a Conversation

“The impetus to reform or revolution springs in every age from the realization of the contrast between the external order of society and the moral standards recognized as valid by the conscience or reason of the individual. “R. H. Tawney, historian How do we get our clever species to realize, after 10,000 years of growth,

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Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals in Brazil

This article describes the origin and workings of Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals in Brazil. Spiritist healing practices include: laying-on of hands, prayer, blessed water, fraternal assistance, consultation with medical intuitives and disobsession. Treatments appear to be effective for healing. They are typically accomplished by trained volunteers donating their time as part of their own spiritual growth,

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