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Change Begins With a Conversation

Change Begins With a Conversation

“The impetus to reform or revolution springs in every age from the realization of the contrast between the external order of society and the moral standards recognized as valid by the conscience or reason of the individual. “
R. H. Tawney, historian

How do we get our clever species to realize, after 10,000 years of growth, that we are grown-up now; that growing is no longer the most important thing we have to do? The need to reform the current economic structure, so as to maintain well-being without overwhelming the Earth, is obvious to anyone who connects the dots. The volume of natural resources we are using and the amount of waste we produce are at the root of increasing energy prices, the climate issue and emerging issues around fresh water and food. The solution offered by the external order of society, to continue growing, contrasts starkly with conscience and reason.

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