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Category: Variations on the Theme of Healing

Finding the Courage to Heal

Steven Hodes is a Board Certified Gastroenterologist. He has been integrating body-mind-spirit awareness into his practice, discussing these connections with patients. This has been transformative for his patients as well as for Dr. Hodes himself.

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A Therapist’s First Encounter with Spirit Release

Abstract A client came into therapy with the expectation of doing Past Life Regression work. The reason was that she and her husband were having problems. She had tried several traditional therapists and counselors to address the difficulties but was not able to make any headway. Out of frustration, she finally decided that the problem

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A Healer’s Journey

A wise healer shares many decades of healing experiences Presence of Angels: A Healers Life took five years to complete. Using my past writings and journal notes, I focused over fifty years of healing into one book with the help of my wife and editor. To my surprise, the book seems to carry a healing

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Reiki: Touch of the Spirit

Reiki is a healing art that hails back to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shintoism, and was originally developed by Mikao Usui in Japan. This article presents the importance of its use for all people, regardless of their belief system, as a means of healing and involvement with other people. The author talks about her own experiences

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From – Three Heart Balancing Treatment of Cancer

Maintaining balance, walking toward health, and not giving in to death and despair are central for the healer while treating cancer. Hate, particularly the energy dynamic of hate, is the primary energy problem in the healing of cancer. Hatred, a part of the human experience, comes from a complex mixture of cultural, genetic, past life,

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