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The Science of World Peace: Research Shows Meditation is Effective

Over the last 30 years I have participated in creating a body of over 600 scientific studies, which collectively demonstrate that we now possess a powerful technology to create world peace. As a scientist, what I know is that 9/11 could have been prevented, the war with Iraq could have been averted, and that we

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Love and Death: The Relationship between Altered-State Sex and Near-Death Experiences

Sex, in the absence of psychotropic drugs or esoteric or meditational techniques designed to bring about altered states of consciousness, can trigger a wide variety of altered states, most of which resemble those considered in various traditions to be signs of spiritual attainment. Kundalini, out-of-body experiences, telepathy, and various experiences of the Light, including unio

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Walking the Long Path: The Art of Genuine Reiki Practice

Learning Reiki should be more than a weekend course of study Throughout humankinds history of healing therapies, such as Theraputic Touch, and their often-attendant Eastern mystical practices, such as reiki, charismatic individuals have contributed to the path of healers development. Mikao Usui wrote a manual of his teachings on reiki in 1920. In April of

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Being Here, (here) being

being hereIt is the same yellow and orange and red that surrounded me when I was fourteen and pissed off at my own mom for making me wipe table after table, so I guess I shouldn’t blame her for her smart-ass attitude.

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Forgive Me 

Death surrounds me, Sixteen entities within a room, Clothed in blue and white garments, It is not heaven that they experience, but instead the cold steel of the blade, I feel guilt, guilt having been lost over time. A question arises, Will they forgive me?

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Healing Nations

And we are social and political hypochondriacs. Unwittingly, everyone who is working in the field of complementary/ alternative medicine is helping to put together a new and powerful philosophy that can transform western politics. Beneath all the political sub-languages or lexicons that drive political debate, there is actually one lexicon that rules. We all use

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IJHC Book Reviews, Sept 2003

I spent last month working with a really fabulous family doctor and three home birth midwives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Without a doubt, this was a very different experience from anything I imagine is offered in any medical school.

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IJHC Book Reviews, September 2003

-Catherine Ingram. Passionate Presence: Experiencing the Seven Qualities of Awakened Awareness-Eckhart Tolle. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment-Kenneth Cohen. Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing-Minding the Body: Clinical Uses of Somatic AwarenessDonald Bakal-Susan Chernak McElroy. Animals as Guides for the Soul-Kathleen R. Wren and Carol L. Norred. Real

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