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The Healing Relationship

As therapists and healers, we cannot avoid bringing our own histories of experiences and pain to each therapeutic encounter. This may, in fact, be our greatest asset, for the comfort we have with our own wounds, not their absence, is what provides the ability to intimately connect with anothers wounds in the therapeutic relationship. The

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Healing with Food – Schizoid Dietary Advice

Ever wonder about the disconnect between the advice that nutritionists routinely give to those who consult us about how to eat healthfully and the food messages people get from the media and the supermarket? We, the nutrition counselors, usually say, Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grain cereals and breads, beans, small amounts

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Loris report on Three Heart Balancing

Jaentra Green Gardener has been one of my instructors in healing energy work, Three Heart Balancing. I attribute energy medicine and following holistic principles as major players in the healing of the MS I was diagnosed with 6 years ago and I am a registered nurse and was totally ingrained in Western medicine!

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The Anthropological and Scientific Case for Psycho-Energetic Healing Part 2

Part 1. (IJHC January 2003) This dissertation examines psycho-energetic (bioenergy) psychotherapy, the anthropological and scientific/medical validity of bioenergy as a construct, and three psycho-energetic therapy paradigms with mature theories and interventions. Paradigms discussed include pre-psychodynamic (Christian), psychodynamic (Pierrakos, Lowen, Brennan), and post-psychodynamic (Confluent Somatic Therapy of Steven Vazquez) psycho-energetic psychotherapy . Part 2: A phenomenological

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The Wave Brings Us Happiness

Three Heart Balancing is a method I developed together with a group of healers to accelerate the bodys healing through vibration. The three hearts begin with the third eye, the center for visioning and intuition. The middle heart is the physical heart center. The third heart is the seat of Qi located two inches below

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