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Black and White Photo Project

The project emerges The idea for the black & white photo project occurred to me several years ago, when I realized my young kids (then around 7 and 5) had no words for, and no emotional baggage around, racial differences. They were in a relatively integrated school (Project Learn School) in a relatively integrated neighborhood

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A Doctor’s Instruments

People always think of A stethoscope or scalpel But its your old wooden chair That youll use the most Sitting face to face with someone Hands folded in your lap You will read there And ponder, write, make calls

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Mauve? Gallery

The Mauve? Gallery is an art gallery made unique by virtue of its location: the gallery occupies a small cubicle in a large office building in downtown Berkeley, California. Founded in March of 2009, we endeavor to curate shows of new and interesting work, and in the process make one workplace a legitimate site of

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Tango: A Deeper Look

One of the incredible things about tango is that it is so multi-dimensional: art, hedonism, competitiveness, healing. Its all there. Daniel Trenner Tango Maestro and Revivalist, Northampton, Massachusetts Tango is a strange beast. Its intimate embrace and intertwining legwork prove as irresistible for some as they are intimidating for others. Erotic images typify the portrayal

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Laughter for Life

Humor is an antidote to worry. We hear a lot these days about the benefits of living in the present moment, about being in the flow. Worry and certain other emotions keep us stuck in the past or future. The thing is, its okay to look at the past or future. Just dont stare! One

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An Artist’s Vision

Sue Coleman paints the animals, plants and landscapes of British Columbia including their spirit and energetic aspects. The spirits are taken from First Nation traditions.

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The Pool of Possibilities Project

After thirty years of photographing sacred landscapes on all seven continents, in the past nine years I have focused my camera in one place my swimming pool. -Photo of Courtney Milne by Frances Robson

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Words & One-Liners, Sep 2008

We mourn the passing of poet/artist Ric Masten, who was born in Carmel, California, in 1929. In his youth he studied art in Paris, France. Became an oil painter and has had many exhibitions in the United States. Became a songwriter working for Warner Bros. Records in the late 50s.

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Quilts that Teach

Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths; I was born with a needle and thread in my hand. Needlework came naturally to me as if it is something I brought with me to this life from a time before. I have created with fabric, needle and thread since before I could

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