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Tag: Volume 16, Number 2

An Integral Treatment Paradigm (ITP) in the Treatment of Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial Plus Qualitative Analysis, Using Mind-Body Medicine and Energy Medicine to Bolster the Emotional, Func…

Focus: This study investigated the use of an Integral Treatment Paradigm (ITP), per Ken Wilbers integral theory as its treatment principle for treating the symptoms and discomfort associated with cancer. Major Findings: Results showed that the intervention group achieved significant improvement in QOL scores as compared with the control group. The mean difference was 15.19,

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Psychospiritual Reflections on the 2016 US Elections

Apart from war itself (and competitive sports), there may be no collective activity that elicits such deeply felt emotions from a nations populace as politics in general and elections in particular. Who rises to the surface as a candidate, what demographics they appeal to, how they generate waves of enthusiasm these are all topics that

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Helping the 911 Dispatchers with Thought Field Therapy

Here is an introduction to what it is like to be a Telecommunicator. These are often The Forgotten Victims of trauma incidents. I also share a sampling of possible solutionsHowever, the dispatchers may take on peoples stress and grief, with little or no outlet for release. Connecting with the dispatcher and using the methods developed

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IJHC Book Reviews July 2016

Gunilla Hamne & Ulf Sandstrom, Resolving Yesterday: First aid for stress and trauma with TTT Elaine N. Aron. Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person: Improving outcomes for that minority of people who are the majority of clients John G. Hartung and Michael D. Galvin, Energy Psychology and EMDR: Combining Forces to Optimize Treatment Norman Doidge.

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Miriam – Dynamind Treatment with Judy Steele, MTP

A year following my car accident, I continued to experience daily, debilitating pain in my back, neck, arms and hands. Because this puzzled my Chiropractor, even though we were doing everything we could, Id begun to sense that there was another component to the pain I experienced. On an energetic level, as well as emotional,

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