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IJHC Book Reviews January 2006

JC Hugh MacKimmie. Presence of Angels: A Healers LifeSteven Gaynor. From Physician to Healer: A doctors encounters with spiritual healingLori Wilson. De-mystifying Medical IntuitionJohn OM Bokris. The New Paradigm: A Confrontation Between Physics and the Paranormal PhenomenaSharon R Kaufman. And a Time to Die: How American Hospitals Shape the End of LifeNo One Dies Alone:

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In 1988 a light hit my forehead. That evening, around 9 p.m. I decided to go to bed early. As soon as I lay down I felt a sudden sleepiness come over me. It was like my eyes were being forced closed, even though I was fully conscious of what was going on. I heard

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Emotional Body Healing

This article is a short version of a booklet I wrote Hello, My Pain, Welcome. What Can I Do For You? Introduction into Emotional Body Healing. With this article I will guide you through the technique of Emotional Body Healing the way I practice it now. The suggestions to the client are in bold print,

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No Slam Dunk and more

NO SLAM DUNK in a candid moment mother once said Show me a man who thinks hes in control and Ill show you a clever woman. and certainly she was the sovereign head of the kingdom I came from I didnt go to college. I was sent! off to study optometry groomed to step into

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A Healer’s Journey

A wise healer shares many decades of healing experiences Presence of Angels: A Healers Life took five years to complete. Using my past writings and journal notes, I focused over fifty years of healing into one book with the help of my wife and editor. To my surprise, the book seems to carry a healing

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The Nature of Life

When I was four years old I was home in bed with one of my frequent ear infections. I took a toy telephone I was playing with and unscrewed the dial and put all the pieces in my mouth as I had seen carpenters do with nails, which they then pulled out to use. The

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Samuel Avital Interview

DB: Im delighted to be able to interview you, Samuel. I truly admire what Ive read and heard about your work in helping people open to inner awareness through movement and mime. I think it would be helpful to start with a thumbnail sketch of where you were born and raised and how you got

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