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Ethical Codes Used by US Reiki Practitioners

While energy medicine is beginning to develop as a professional discipline, there are no nationally supported codes of ethics for energy medicine practitioners in the US. This lack of a set code of ethics makes it difficult for both energy medicine practitioners and clients to distinguish appropriate professionalism in the field. Within the energy medicine

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No One Dies Alone

Since my own humble beginning with No One Dies Alone (first as a volunteer companion in the early days to assisting in organizing systems from what began as a grassroots movement to becoming Program Coordinator), I have come to see this great program touch many lives in many ways. From those of us who serve

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Words and One-Liners, Take 2

I like this, the second book by Ric Masten, even better than the first. What makes it more appealing to me are the arrangements of poems into groups, such as Personals, I should have slept on it, and Words for survival. I find it tastier to have a medley of poems about family relationships, writing

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Spirit Release, A Case Study

A brave surgeon develops his gifts of healing A board certified foot and ankle surgeon and podiatrist is faced with a client in severe pain who appears to be resistant to every form of healing available to him through his training and experience in conventional medicine. On the verge of admitting his inability to help

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Traditional, Complementary, Alternative, and Psycho-Social Modalities of Treatment, Jan 2006

Life events, personality disorders and suicide attempts Massage increases natural killer cells in women with breast cancer Early Migraine Headaches Helped More with Acetaminophen-Aspirin-Caffeine (AAC) Combination Than Sumatriptan Misperceptions about nicotine can hamper smoking cessation U.S. ahead of many other Western countries in medical errors Psychotherapy clients utilization of complementary and alternative therapies

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Compassion Fatigue

The recent tsunami in Asia and major earthquake in Pakistan have highlighted problems long recognized in the helping professions. Caregivers have known well the potentially draining experiences of compassion fatigue from experiences of policemen, firefighters, paramedics and other emergency and rescue personnel, through doctors, nurses, psychotherapists and counselors, and not to overlook the family members

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Recent Developments in Complemtary Medicines Regulation in Australia

Abstract This paper provides a brief overview of how complementary medicines are regulated in Australia and of important new developments occurring in the regulatory environment. Following wide-ranging reforms in governmental regulation in the area of complementary medicines in the late 1990s, which were premised on the emerging recognition of roles they can play in healthcare,

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Subliminal Dynamics

Introduction Subliminal Dynamics is a method of Brain Management that enables people to mentally photograph written material at great speed, without actually reading it. They achieve a very high percentage of recall that is permanent. Starting with this platform of performance, people can then extend their brain/mind capacities much further, into learning languages very rapidly,

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The Invisible Process of Energy Healing

Without drawing attention to myself, I tried to grab onto the door of the green house as I felt myself slipping away; as if physically holding onto that door would prevent my spirit from going through it. Looking back, the symbolism of that day is still incredible to me; the greenhouse as a metaphor for

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The Great Confessional: Virginia Woolf on Illness

The success of Michael Cunninghams Pulitzer Prize winning novel (1998) and the Academy Award winning movie (2002) The Hours has brought Virginia Woolf to the forefront again. Illness plagued her throughout her life. Humans posses a tendency toward repeated and protracted illness that helps define who we are. In On Being Ill, Virginia Woolf lays

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