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Subliminal Dynamics

Subliminal Dynamics


Subliminal Dynamics is a method of Brain Management that enables people to mentally photograph written material at great speed, without actually reading it. They achieve a very high percentage of recall that is permanent. Starting with this platform of performance, people can then extend their brain/mind capacities much further, into learning languages very rapidly, healing themselves and others, and much more. Expanding the process I developed an extensive testing and research program to understand what is happening within the brain. We kept pushing the limits till we were going so fast that it was physically impossible to turn the pages any faster. A teenager named Larry Maper peaked at 606,000 words per minute, and scored 90+% accuracy on tests by teachers. Larry is dyslexic, was consistently getting D-grades in school. When the next school year started, he got all of his textbooks for the semester, mentally photographed all of them, and two weeks later took all of his final exams, passing with straight As. Testing from ages 4 to 93, it didnt make any difference whether there were IQs ranging from retarded to genius or learning disabilities. Anyone can use this. They are using a different part of the brain than is used for reading. We have people doing things that are not supposed to be possible. One of our students in Germany (who also lived in the Netherlands and Russia), Meindert Jan van Wyck, was a casualty of WWII. As a child he was a displaced person, lived on the streets, taught himself how to survive, and made his way across Europe. Hes traveled around the world, never schooled or educated, taught himself to read and write (Dutch initially). After using this process for several years, he started corresponding with us. He had written and won awards for poetry in English. He then learned Russian. He is now recognized as one of the top healers and artists in Europe

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