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Tag: Volume 23, Number 1

Cross Reference

To the scientists and writers of IJHC articles: In the next phase of our development, IJHC has become a member of Cross Reference and is implementing Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) numbers for all research, theory and case study articles in the journal. It will take us several months to update all 23 years of those

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Editorial Musings

GUEST EDITOR Dr. Brian Dailey, MD, FACEP, FACFEChair, National Certification Center of Energy PractitionersChanging Shape of the Energy Practitioner CommunityDr. Brian Dailey, MD, FACEP, FACFE Cudos to the energy practitioner community! So much progress has been made over the last five years in establishing energy practices with a new level of professionalism. As chair of

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Digital Assessment Abstract

Change in Emotional Stability, Self-Forgiveness, Life Balance, Cognitive-Affective Balance, Depression, Anxiety and Psychological Flexibility:A Case Study Using Assessments Used in the ICBEST and ACT Models of TherapyPhilip H. Friedman, Ph.D1 This article discusses the use of a digital assessment and tracking approach to monitor changes in emotional stability, depression, anxiety, happiness, affect, life balance, beliefs,

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Advanced Healing Energetics

PurposeTo determine whether patient performed energy medicine techniques can reduce the perception of pain in subjects with chronic low back pain. MaterialsMaterials included: the BioWell/GDV camera and software, questionnaires included the VAS Pain Scale and  the McGill Pain Scale.  MethodIn this pilot study, eleven subjects were recruited and completed the study. Two Eden Method interventions

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Biofield therapy definitions and descriptions

Professional development of an emerging professionMelinda H. Connor1,2, Margaret M. Moga3,4,  Caitlin A. Connor5,6, and Brian D. Dailey7,81Director of Research, Akamai University, Hilo Hawaii, USA2 Earthsongs Holistic Consulting, Tucson AZ, USA3 Associate Professor, Indiana University School of Medicine, Perdue, IN,USA4 President, Society for Scientific Exploration, 5 Assistant Professor, Akamai University, Hilo Hawaii, USA6 Vice-Chairman of the

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Sound Therapy – What’s All The Noise About?

Ngarene Stevens IntroductionWhile living in Australia, the death of my second son at the age of 3 months propelled me into a spiritual, physical and psychological spiral, culminating in my cause-related activism in the area of Grief and Bereavement. I was ultimately employed by an organization that serviced the needs of bereaved families following the

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Science, Being, & Becoming: The Spiritual Lives of Scientists

Paul Mills, PhD “Science, Being, & Becoming: The Spiritual Lives of Scientists” by Paul Mills, PhD, is about spirituality as experienced by scientists. It is an important book for a number of reasons, key among them is its stated purpose: To challenge the assumption that spirituality is both tangential to science and impossible for science

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