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Digital Assessment Abstract

Digital Assessment Abstract

Change in Emotional Stability, Self-Forgiveness, Life Balance, Cognitive-Affective Balance, Depression, Anxiety and Psychological Flexibility:
A Case Study Using Assessments Used in the ICBEST and ACT Models of Therapy
Philip H. Friedman, Ph.D1

This article discusses the use of a digital assessment and tracking approach to monitor changes in emotional stability, depression, anxiety, happiness, affect, life balance, beliefs, spiritual awakening, the working alliance, outcome, 3 measures of psychological flexibility and the benefits/helpfulness of psychotherapy.  Using the online assessment systems developed by Pragmatic Tracker (PT) and Blueprint (BP),  a client was assessed who was moderately depressed and anxious and had relationship problems with her ex-husband, father and sister during psychotherapy. This assessment occurred weekly and showed significant positive changes. One of the unique aspects of this clinical research is that the author was totally unfamiliar with all 3 psychological flexibility scales primarily developed for ACT therapy during the treatment process. 

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