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Biofield therapy definitions and descriptions

Biofield therapy definitions and descriptions

Professional development of an emerging profession
Melinda H. Connor1,2, Margaret M. Moga3,4,  Caitlin A. Connor5,6, and Brian D. Dailey7,8
1Director of Research, Akamai University, Hilo Hawaii, USA
2 Earthsongs Holistic Consulting, Tucson AZ, USA
3 Associate Professor, Indiana University School of Medicine, Perdue, IN,USA
4 President, Society for Scientific Exploration, 
5 Assistant Professor, Akamai University, Hilo Hawaii, USA
6 Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, NCCOEP, Tucson, AZ, USA
7 Assistant Professor Emeritas, Emergency Medicine, University of Rochester College of Medicine, Rochester, NY, USA
8 Chairman of the Board, National Certification Center of Energy Practitioners, Marana, AZ, USA


Define and describe different types of energy practitioners and their scope of practice to advance the profession of biofield therapy and improve research quality.

Materials & Method:
In 2018 the leaders of the energy practitioner training community, associations and scientists met in Phoenix, AZ. Fourteen working groups were developed. One of the working groups developed meetings with training programs with the goal of defining commonalities and differences within the energy practitioner community. These meetings included groups as small as 4 individuals and as large as 27 individuals representing various segments of the community. 131 individual practitioners were involved in these discussions, where many represented organizations with hundreds of members. The results of those meetings and discussions were specific definitions of divisions within the energy practitioner community.

Upon completion of the training program group meetings, which took place over the following year, eleven divisions were defined based on styles of work. Within those eleven divisions, some communities defined sub-groups. These groups’ choices have resulted in definitions that provide a foundation for legal and scientific definitions and categorization for various segments of the energy healing community, which they as members of the community see as distinct groupings.

Descriptions and definitions of energy practitioners and their scope of practice are important first steps in the development of biofield therapy as a licensed profession.  Distinctions in practitioner-defined groupings of energy practitioners may support and inform scientists in developing more accurate methodologies in research. 

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