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Book Review: The Adventure

The Adventure; A Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening by Steve TaylorReview by Dr. Philip Freedman The British spiritual psychologist, Steve Taylor, covers eight different areas that the author considers essential to spiritual awakening: disidentification, gratitude, presence, altruism, acceptance, integration, detachment, and embracing mortality. It was not clear to me why the author called the book Adventure

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Book Review: The Mystery of Life Energy

 The Mystery of Life Energy Biofield Healing, Phantom Limbs, Group Energetics, and Gaia Consciousnessby Eric Leskowitz MDBook Review by Lisa Nemzo “The heart is a pump, the eye is a camera, and the brain is a computer.”…“They are wrong turns that have sent modern science and medicine (and even society itself) off in a mistaken and

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Book Review: “Medical Reiki” is not Medical

Chastity Hyllion There are many forms of Reiki being practiced in the US. Some have new symbols. Some have new attunements. Some have unique theories on how the process of an energy session works. Some have unique theories on how the transmission of energy works. Some use other healing systems to add to the Reiki

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Science, Being, & Becoming: The Spiritual Lives of Scientists

Paul Mills, PhD “Science, Being, & Becoming: The Spiritual Lives of Scientists” by Paul Mills, PhD, is about spirituality as experienced by scientists. It is an important book for a number of reasons, key among them is its stated purpose: To challenge the assumption that spirituality is both tangential to science and impossible for science

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Treating Trauma with Energy Psychology

Advanced Integrative Therapy is a comprehensive energy psychology technique which integrates psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, exposure and imaginal therapy with a holistic, body centered, energetic approach. It was developed by Asha Clinton, PhD. AIT rapidly and deeply treats traumatic symptoms such as disturbing emotions, negative beliefs and attitudes, addictions, compulsions, obsessions, dissociation, physical abreactions, and spiritual challenges.

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January 2021 Book Reviews

Cheryl L. Fracasso, Stanley Krippner and Harris L. Friedman (Editors) Holistic Treatment in Mental Health Brian J. Sheen PhD. Epigenetics, The New Paradigm of Healing and Wellness

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Book Reviews September 2020

Holy Fire: The Process of Soul Awakening By Thomas Yeomans PhD – Reviewed by Rick Leskowitz ,MD Self-Help 2.0: A New and Improved Path to Break Free from Stress, Anger, and Codependency By Larry Burton – Reviewed by John Freedom, CEHP

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