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Diagnosis Shock: The Unrecognized Burden of Illness

Diagnosis shock is the phobic reaction people experience the moment they first suspect or are told that they have a serious physical or emotional illness. Researchers have found that patients diagnosed with serious illness experience shock and trauma which can result in irrational reactions and behaviors and in some cases lead to serious psychological illness.

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Strategic Counseling

How do you begin to overcome emotional distress? If the pain is severe enough that you require professional help, how do you decide on a particular clinician or healer? In this article, I share my model of psychotherapy: psycho-spiritual counseling. The umbrella of all my work, as a holistic physician, is in Integrative Psychiatry and

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FAMILY REPATTERNING: Clearing ancestral patterns

Family Repatterning is based on systemic family constellation work and also incorporates the use of guided imagery and energy psychology. This embodied method done in a workshop setting enlists a healing circle of participants to help individuals trace their current life patterns back to their familial sources, which are often traumatic events in a familys

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The Many Faces of Time

We have many perceptions of time, not only that of the clock ticking and the sands of time dwindling in a cosmic hourglass. Shamanic time, the sense of time in traditional healing, provides important alternative perspectives on ways in which time may be problematic or healing in our lives. Deeper understandings of time provide broader

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Book Reviews January 2008

Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being and Why No One Saw it ComingMaggie Phillips. Reversing Chronic Pain: A 10-point all-natural plan for lasting reliefRob Luka. Helping Children Overcome Fear in a Medical Setting: A guide for healthcare professionalsSharon Begley. Train Your Mind Change Your Brain: How a

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Words And One-Liners January 2008

An Unexpected VisitKatie Meara Making my way through my journey down here in New Mexico. I haven’t written any thing “on purpose,” but wanted to share my experience last week with you.

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NAMASTE: Seeing through the eyes of Mother Theresa

On September 5, 1997, Mother Teresa, one of our most treasured peacemakers and humanitarians passed away. I had always admired her work in India and around the world. The enormous strength, courage and compassion that she role-modeled left me in awe of her work. She truly was an incredible human being who left a spiritual

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Paper Passage

Mary Karavos is a Paper Fiber Artist, a graduate in Fine Arts from the Ontario College of Art and Design, with a year of advanced studies at the OCAD College in Florence, Italy. The Florentine light and color and her love of paper inspired her to develop a unique style of collage that produces images

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THE HEALING CODES: A path to peace? One coach’s perspective

Dr. Lorna Minewiser, a Healing Codes Coach, describes the Healing Codes program using Dr. Benors list of common factors in healing. She cites research by Dr. Bruce Lipton, which appears to substantiate the process underlying the Healing Codes. The description of how Dr. Alex Loyd discovered the Healing Codes and how they seem to work

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