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Tag: Volume 6, Number 2

The Land’s View

Download PDF > I had an unusual offer from a gifted intuitive who volunteered to facilitate an interview with a rock, to be done anonymously to keep the focus on the land. I know this intuitive to be a person of great gifts and great integrity. Here is what ensued:

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A Family that Meditates Together Stays Together

The Allman (assumed name) family was a fairly typical American family with two working parents,three energetic and individualistic children, a comfortable lifestyle that included occasionalattendance at a Unitarian church; a somewhat hands off father; and a mother/ wife who feltoverworked and underappreciated, as she managed the familys daily routine, dealing with issuesfrom sibling rivalry, sniffles,

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Birth Rituals, Wellbeing and Transformation

Abstract Consciously or unconsciously we participate in many rituals throughout out life. Rituals at birth provide a key opportunity to support the physical and psychological health of the baby and mother. In addition, our rituals shape our perceptions and our culture. Giving examples, we describe the rationale benefits and strategies for actively planning our birth

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Knowing Without Knowing

Background Usually I can rather quickly discern the people I meet. I can tell very much how theyre going to behave. My initial impression is almost always confirmed. I took the Myers-Briggs typology test three times, years apart, and I was always typed as INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging). The characteristics of this rarest personality

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