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Tag: Volume 5, Number 3

Measuring Children’s Intuition in a School Setting

A total of 2,040 children were tested in a school environment with a computer software program designed to measure the intuitive ability of predicting a future, randomly selected target. This precognition test consisted of 30 trials. Comparisons between gender and four categories of age groups ranging from 3-19 years of age were examined. Females scored

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Heart Failure – Preface

A medical student chronicles his struggles to maintain a healing presence To all the students who went to bed crying or woke up screaming. To all those who needed to leave their hearts at the door. I just graduated with honors from Tufts University School of Medicine, the class of 1999. I dont feel honorable,

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Complementary Gifts

I fell asleep while driving my car on the freeway for the second time in as many days after feeling quite ill for a number of weeks in March, 2000. My doctor thought I had been suffering from the flu, but my symptoms were becoming more and more severe, and I could barely get out

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Reiki: Touch of the Spirit

Reiki is a healing art that hails back to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shintoism, and was originally developed by Mikao Usui in Japan. This article presents the importance of its use for all people, regardless of their belief system, as a means of healing and involvement with other people. The author talks about her own experiences

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The ‘Place of Joy’: A Collaborative Method of Induction in Past Life Regression

A profoundly transformative combination of therapies for individuals and families Past life regressions can add many dimensions to psychotherapy. They may release traumatic roots of current-life symptoms that have puzzled therapists and patients and have resisted more conventional psychotherapeutic approaches. They can be rapidly and profoundly transformative not only in dealing with psychological issues but

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Living in a Place of Love Rather Than Anger, Hurt and Fear

There is one Moral Principle the Love which springs forth from a willing heart, surrendered in service to God and Humanity, and which blooms in deeds of beneficence. Hazrat Inayat Khan Living in a place of love generates healing in you and in those with whom you interact. By clearing your blocks to being a

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