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Tag: Volume 4, Number 2

From Animals as Mirrors, Animals as Healers

Josephine, a 5-year-old lab mix, was going blind from retinal atrophy. She told me, The man is mean to her and makes her sad and cry. When Ellen, her person, called, Josie had just come out of a 6-hour episode where she was frantically bumping into furniture and walls. Josie said Ellen did not see

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Cats and Birds: A Backyard Experience

One of the most important teachers I have had over the past two decades was undoubtedly my cat Muschi, a stray that adopted my husband, Paul, and me about ten years ago and whose arrival led to many miracles in our household. Muschi adopted us by showing up at the deck door every evening and

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A Cat Participating with Healers

Our Reiki circle met at Susie Cotsworths for the first time today. Her cat Homey decided to participate. I had been holding my hand above this individuals shoulder, when Homey put his paw out and did the same. He spread his toes. I am sensitive to energy and saw him sending it to her (which

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Teaching Healing: A Serious Challenge

Our world can be perceived and experienced as matter or as energy. Einstein suggested this early in the 20th Century in his famous equation, E = mc2 and modern physics has amply confirmed this theory. Matter and energy are two sides of the same coin. Newtonian medicine focuses on the matter side of the equation

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Let It Be a Dance: Words and One-Liners

Ric Masten is an unusual person in many ways. He is a rare combination of a poet with a big heart, wry humor, intellectual insight and emotional intelligence. In addition, he has developed a form of art he calls one liners. These are drawings that are created in a continuous line, without lifting pen from

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The Conscious Internet

The Internet is a network which is spawning a quantum leap in human consciousness. The blending of digital reality with human reality blurs the distinction between electronic-based and biological-based systems. The World Wide Web of the Internet collapses distance, time and proximity in human communications and creates a unified state of constant connectedness. Casting an

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