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Tag: Volume 4, Number 2

The Conscious Internet

The Internet is a network which is spawning a quantum leap in human consciousness. The blending of digital reality with human reality blurs the distinction between electronic-based and biological-based systems. The World Wide Web of the Internet collapses distance, time and proximity in human communications and creates a unified state of constant connectedness. Casting an

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Jello: A Hospice Therapy Cat

Pets can be great therapists in hospice It is Sister Judy Seefeld, an Adrian Dominican Catholic nun, who has arranged transportation, food and lodging for Jello through the years and originally lined up her therapy work. From the time Sister Judy first got to know Jello, she noticed that she was especially friendly and gentle.

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If We Could Talk to the Animals

Intuitive people can clarify animal communications How would we feel if, when talking to our pets, we could listen to their replies? How would it enrich our life if we knew just how our affection for them was perceived by our animal friends, and the nature of their feelings for us? How do they react

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Animals as Mirrors, Animals as Healers

Animals healing lessons facilitated by an animal communicator The human-animal bond offers profound healing for people and their animal companions when the people recognize that their animals behaviors and illnesses are a reflection of what is going with them. Getting this message across in a way that empowers the people, without it getting distorted into

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The Healing Powers Of Animals

Animals are natural healers with amazing and magical abilities to heal humans in profound ways that are holistic in nature. They bring us healing for our minds, bodies, emotions and yes, even our spirits. Animals have the ability to heal us: The library of clinical studies proves the healing efficacy of animals over and over

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Borderline Personality (Part2): Recovering from Abuse

During my psychiatric training I was cautioned to never treat more than two people with BPD during any one time period, because of the difficulty in treating people with BPD. The reality is that half of the people in psychiatric hospitals suffer from BPD, so this recommendation was a theoretical one, and not a practical

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Healing And Transformation: My Experience In Palliative Care

Uplifting experiences in caring for the dying I spent the month of November pursuing an elective in palliative care. Although I was surrounded by death and dying, the elective was not depressing and hopeless. This was because death was transformed in the palliative care setting: it was no longer seen as an enemy to be

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