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Are you being called to healing work? Rhys Thomas, Founder Rhys Thomas Institute™

Is your life pointing you in some way to healing and living a more passionate and healthy lifestyle whereby you can then inspire others to do the same? Are you noticing that you are paying attention differently to the people around you? Noticing when they are not well. Noticing when they are tired or stressed. Are you recognizing something in yourself that needs to honor, tend to and cherish others? Are you dancing with the concepts of compassion, surrender and joy? Are you wondering about your purpose? There is no greater purpose than to awaken the healer within.

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A Case Study of a Southern California High School Speech & Debate Team

In 2005 I was introduced to the activity of speech and debate through a friend that was currently a member of both the speech and debate team and the theater program. As a self-described “theater geek,” my initial perceptions were skeptical that an activity necessitating debate would inform my understanding of what it meant to be a “good actor.” I simply could not comprehend the educative overlap between what appeared to be a rigorously academic center of speech and debate and the aesthetic center of theater. My misconceptions, however, met a swift demise.

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The effects of short term Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine intervention on long term PTSD and Depression

Western Medicine thus far has had little success with the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Acupuncture appears to have a reasonable success rate in treatment of PTSD, but most cases are not clear–cut. This is largely due to complicated life situations and concomitant heath issues. The population as a whole also has a relatively high rate of non-compliance.

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Exploring Classical Music As Music Therapy

For many people, music therapy makes them think of playing a drum set in rock group, or singing in a choir. Another group thinks of “new age” music or “easy listening” as music therapy. The fact is, any type of music can be used for therapeutic purposes if it satisfies the specific needs of the person involved. For this article we will explore classical music and what kinds of therapeutic responses it can trigger.

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On the abortion issue

 My first thought when news broke about the Supreme Court’s possible decision to eliminate the protections for women of Roe v. Wade was—Oh no! Not again! The late 1960s were filled with seemingly endless discussions and arguments about the abortion issue. By the time Roe v. Wade was passed, I was almost more relieved to

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