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On the abortion issue

On the abortion issue

 My first thought when news broke about the Supreme Court’s possible decision to eliminate the protections for women of Roe v. Wade was—Oh no! Not again! The late 1960s were filled with seemingly endless discussions and arguments about the abortion issue. By the time Roe v. Wade was passed, I was almost more relieved to know that those discussions would finally end. And they did end, at least for a while. So did stories of back-alley abortions and deaths by hemorrhages from botched procedures. At least for a while.

And now, oh joy, they’re back! Once I recovered from my shock at realizing that Roe v. Wade was in serious danger, some depression set in. Really?—I thought. We’re really going back to the bad old days when even Ireland has made abortion legal? Why would this country willfully move backwards and do such a thing to women?

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