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Tag: Volume 19, Number 2

Use of Over Energy Correction (OEC) for Intervention Therapists at a Center-Based Treatment Facility for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Abstract Caregivers and therapists can often experience high stress levels or burnout when working in intensive environments with children who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders ( ASD s ) . It was hypothesized that a single breathing exercise , [ALT practiced several times per day over an extended period of time, may assist in

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Past Life and Life Between Lives Regression

Abstract Past life and life between lives regression are powerful therapeutic methods. Past life regression therapy may get to the origin of an issue when other methods have not worked. Some of the issues carried over from previous lifetimes include repeating patterns, limiting beliefs, phobias, relationship challenges, and physical symptoms. Life between lives hypnotherapy assists

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Significance of Emotional Intelligence on the Caring Behaviors of First Year Prelicensure Nursing Students

Abstract In a previous study (Wodwaski, 2018) the results indicated that the emotional intelligence (EI) of first year nursing students had rather low EI scores in all four dimensions of perceiving emotions, use of emotions in facilitating thoughts, understanding emotions, and managing emotions. To provide greater insight into what is most likely a complex relationship

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On Getting Past Square 1 of Our Problems

Abstract Introduction People often have difficulties figuring out what, exactly, their problems are and how to deal with them in the most constructive ways. We often know we are uncomfortable about certain situations or events in our lives; having difficulties with other people; stuck in patterns of behaviors that are serving us poorly; or in

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