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Mindfulness: The Power of a Parent’s Intentional Influence on a Prenate

There is a long history of provision of pre- and perinatal (PPN) education to expecting mothers, and less so to fathers. Due to inconsistencies in both research methodologies and subsequent study findings, understanding what constitutes best practice in PPN education programs remains unclear. This research study was the second of four in a PhD program

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Life Balance, Emotional Stability, Well-Being and Spiritual Awakening

This article introduces the Friedman Life Balance Scale (FLBS), the Friedman Mini- 5 Factor Scale or FM5FS (that includes an emotional stability subscale) and the Friedman Awakening Scale (FAS). It discusses the rationale for developing these scales, their origins and some correlations with other well-known scales. The article then demonstrates how to use the FLBS

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IJHC Book Reviews, January 2018

-Rupert Ross. Dancing with a Ghost. Penguin Canada -Rupert Ross. Indigenous Healing: Exploring Traditional Paths. -Diana Raab. Writing for Bliss: A Seven Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life.

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