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Tag: Volume 16, Number 3

Understanding the Relationship Between Attachment Style, Relationship Satisfaction, Illness Behaviours, and Psychological Distress in Couples

This study examined the individual and dyadic attachment processes and relationship satisfaction ratings among adults in an intimate relationship and their relationship to psychological distress and illness attitudes. Study participants included 104 individuals (52 couples) who completed a questionnaire package which included the Experiences in Close Relationships Questionnaire-Revised (ECR-R), the Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS), the

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Mythology as Preparer for Our Age

Abstract Since the 19th Century, there has been an assumption that ancient people made up stories to describe what they could not understand. Although the content of the Mysteries cannot be known through written records as their content was communicated orally, the Mysteries revered the Truth just as todays sciences do. This paper takes the

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IJHC Book Reviews October 2016

Turner, Kelly A. PhD. (2014). Radical Remission: Surviving cancer against all odds.Valerie A. Varan, Introduction toEnergy, Consciousness and Your Quantum Self Barrie Jaeger, PhD. Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person: Learning to Bend, Not Break, When Work Overwhelms You.

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Unfreezing Ourselves: Global Warming, Climate Trauma and EFT

Abstract In the fall of 2016 we find ourselves in the midst of an unprecedented planet-wide ecological crisis. Not only are we at war with each other, as we are reminded daily on the news, but humanity is in many respects at war with the earth that sustains life. While this war doesnt make news

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