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Tag: Volume 10, Number 2

‘Placebo’ Is the Medical Term For Self-Healing

Abstract This article is inspired by a fascinating series of YouTube videos on studies of the placebo effect on pains and other problems. A high-powered team of eight academics from various disciplines discusses research on many ways in which placebo reactions can be stimulated. These videos are most interesting for the self-healings they reveal. More

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The ‘Sickening’ Search for Health: Ivan Illich’s revised thoughts on the medicalization of life and medical iatrogenesis.

Abstract: Ivan Illichs claim that the medical establishment has become a major threat to health as a result the medicalisation of life and the development of medical iatrogenesis (negative medical effects on health) appears to have been accurately prophetic. Expensive, specialised, intensive, technological and professionalised care has developed to the point that the general community

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IJHC Book Reviews May 2010

Richard E. Cytowic. The Man Who Tasted Shapes: A Bizarre Medical Mystery Offers Revolutionary Insights into Emotions, Reasoning, and ConsciousnessJack Kornfield. The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, and PeaceDavid Hamilton. Wired for Compassion, Also called Why Kindness is good for youYekutiel, Lea. Making the Breast of It: Overcoming Fear of Intimacy After MastectomyChristopher K. Johannes PhD

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Tango: A Deeper Look

One of the incredible things about tango is that it is so multi-dimensional: art, hedonism, competitiveness, healing. Its all there. Daniel Trenner Tango Maestro and Revivalist, Northampton, Massachusetts Tango is a strange beast. Its intimate embrace and intertwining legwork prove as irresistible for some as they are intimidating for others. Erotic images typify the portrayal

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Being Here

Ive been resisting doing energy work, lately, preferring to focus on simply being present with myself in life. Not doing for others. Not serving which feels to me like a laden word and concept these days. So I was surprised the other day when I felt compelled to do energy work with a woman who

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Oneness: A healing chorus unifying our levels of beingness

Splits and divisions We are at odds with ourselves internally; we believe that the inner is fundamentally different from the outer, that what is me is quite separate from the not-me, that divisions among people and nations are necessary, and yet we wonder why there are tensions, conflicts, wars in the world. The conflicts begin

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