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Experiences of a Mother with Midwifery and Hospital Obstetrics

I have been there: both with epidural and without, and I can say that each was right for me at the time. Here we face the age old problem of not imposing ones own values on others. But especially in terms of the patient/doctor relationship because there is definitely a power imbalance there, how to

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Caring Moments in the Stress Lab

Working in the cardiac stress testing department of a mega-hospital complex is a little like working in a factory, except that instead of producing widgets, our factory produces completed cardiac stress tests. There is pressure from supervisors to get patients tests done quickly, so that more tests can be done. The departments emphasis on efficiently

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Healing in Norway

Healing has been part of traditional folk medicine here, as in all cultures. Healing has also been an important part of the Norwegian Sami culture. Both the medicine of the Sami people and Norwegian folk medicine in general suffered under pressure form the church and the medical profession for several hundred years, but has still

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American Indian Healing in the Land of Fire and Ice

Abstract While visiting Iceland during the summer of 1994, I conducted two American Indian healing rituals that produced impressive results. The first part of this essay describes the spiritual landscape of Iceland, which I believe was an important influence on therapeutic outcome. The second part discusses the healing interventions, one for a patient with multiple

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Emotional Body Process Part 1 Healing Through Love

Words are inadequate to convey the potency of love in healing old hurts and current fears. You cannot know a peach from peach. You must see it and smell it and taste it. This article describes a potent guided self-healing technique focused on love, and shares the clinical experiences of the authors in using this

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Awakening the Healer within – Empowering Spiritual Healing

AbstractSpiritual healing in the past twenty-five years has evolved from a model in which healers could heal with the instantaneous power of their touch, to a model in which healers facilitate the awakening of a persons inner healer. This shift in the awareness and practice of spiritual healing can today be seen in almost all

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