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Category: Wholistic Healing

Establishing a Base Curriculum for Reiki Training

Brief interviews were done with community members. A literature review was then undertaken of over 50 books that are focused on training Reiki. Sixteen training manuals, including the original manuals created by Usui ( which had been changed into book form) and 10 journal articles on training, were reviewed. Commonalities in training topics were identified. A second review was done to determine areas that are commonly or frequently missing from training programs that are appropriate to this community and often taught in health care settings.

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Healings Through Medical Intuition

Abstract Medical Intuition is the ability to discern information about a persons physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing using only intuitive abilities. Katie Beecher, MS is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Medical Intuitive who is able to read people in great detail with a very high rate of accuracy before ever meeting them, using just

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