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Sound Therapy – What’s All The Noise About?

Ngarene Stevens IntroductionWhile living in Australia, the death of my second son at the age of 3 months propelled me into a spiritual, physical and psychological spiral, culminating in my cause-related activism in the area of Grief and Bereavement. I was ultimately employed by an organization that serviced the needs of bereaved families following the

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Exploring The Impact Of Melody and Key As Part Of Music Therapy

When we remember the music and impression it made on us, even though it could have been years ago, first of all, we tend to remember the melody. So, what is the melody? At the simplest level melody is a musical pattern made of different pitches which are meaningfully organized. However, melody may have completely different emotional and even intellectual meaning and impact if even one pitch in a melody is changed. If you change the key signature of a melody, a completely different emotional perspective can be created. Try this: go out to the internet and select two different performers singing or playing the same song. What are the differences in how you perceive the music? Do you like one better than another? Does one make you happier and another version sad?

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Exploring Classical Music As Music Therapy

For many people, music therapy makes them think of playing a drum set in rock group, or singing in a choir. Another group thinks of “new age” music or “easy listening” as music therapy. The fact is, any type of music can be used for therapeutic purposes if it satisfies the specific needs of the person involved. For this article we will explore classical music and what kinds of therapeutic responses it can trigger.

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How do you choose the correct music to help yourself?

Alexander Tentser, Ph.D.1,2, Anna Glender, MFA1,3,4 1 Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ 2 Arizona Friends of Chamber Music, Tucson, AZ 3 Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Tucson, AZ 4 Lake Placid Sinfonietta, Lake Placid NY In today’s society, with access to music from lots of different sources, how does one choose the most appropriate music to nurture

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