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Shamanism and the Medical Encounter

Case 1: It is 3:00 a.m. and I am awakened suddenly from deep sleep by an image of my patient M. drifting out into the cosmos. Inexplicably, I go downstairs and sit in meditation for a few minutes, finding myself saying, M. come back, come on back, over and over again. I then go back

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Emotional Body Process Part 1 Healing Through Love

Words are inadequate to convey the potency of love in healing old hurts and current fears. You cannot know a peach from peach. You must see it and smell it and taste it. This article describes a potent guided self-healing technique focused on love, and shares the clinical experiences of the authors in using this

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Awakening the Healer within – Empowering Spiritual Healing

AbstractSpiritual healing in the past twenty-five years has evolved from a model in which healers could heal with the instantaneous power of their touch, to a model in which healers facilitate the awakening of a persons inner healer. This shift in the awareness and practice of spiritual healing can today be seen in almost all

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