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Comorbidities and the Treatment of Pain using Acupuncture

Pain is possibly the condition most commonly treated by acupuncture (Fan, A. Y., et al., 2017, Hao, J. J., & Mittelman, M., 2014). Acupuncture has also been shown to be an effective intervention for multiple types of pain (Vickers, A. J., et al., 2018). There are myriad reasons for patients to have pain, but the rationale for pain within Chinese medicine, no matter the type, always remains the same. Bu tong ze teng, bu teng ze tong. Where there is pain there is not free flow (of blood, energy, and fluids), where there is free flow (of blood, energy, and fluids) there is not pain. This means that for pain to be relieved and healing facilitated, circulation must be at the least improved and ideally restored to an optimal state.

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Digital Assessment and Tracking, Life Balance, Emotional Stability, Well-Being, Spiritual Awakening, Anxiety and Depression: A Practice-Based Evidence Approach to Change in Psychotherapy

Abstract This article discussed the use of a digital assessment and tracking approach to life balance, emotional stability, well-being, spiritual awakening, anxiety and depression. Using Pragmatic Tracker (PT) and Blueprint (BP) 6 Friedman Scales plus outcome measures were presented to demonstrate how to administer, score, record, track and graph changes during psychotherapy session by session.

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Green Tara and the Dalai Lamas Biographer

> Abstract Born and raised in Montreals large Jewish enclave of 20,000, from the mid 1940s to the early 1960s the author was deeply educated in sacred and cultural studies in Judaism, Torah, Hebrew and Yiddish as well as secular schooling in English and French. During her early childhood she began to question all received

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Forgiveness: An ancient concept becomes the cutting edge in psychotherapy

Introduction Forgiveness is an important but troublesome concept that challenges our understanding, and yet refuses to go away. It is an issue of universal human concern because hurts, betrayal and injuries of one sort or another are universal human experiences. Typically viewed as a virtue, forgiveness has been advocated by major religious and spiritual traditions

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Psychic Healing and the Anisotropic Universe

Drawing on his training in advanced physics and quantum theory, together with an in-depth questioning of the latters known inconsistencies, physicist/psychic healer Nicolai Levashov has concluded that the universe is anisotropic, i.e., non-uniform in spatial structure. This concept, while backed by serious support in the field of astrophysics, runs directly counter to the classical view

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Studies with Nicolai Levashov

I first consulted Nicolai for my chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) in 1994. This had been diagnosed by two medical homeopaths who were expert with a variation of the Voll diagnostic device. They had each, independently, found inflammatory pathology in the same major organ systems: the heart, lungs, liver, and prostate. Pathologic structural changes in the

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Counseling With Soul Talk

The recent tragic events in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001 have dramatically and inalterably altered all of our lives. There is great need for those of us in family practice, indeed, for all physicians, to be available to our patients for at least basic counseling to help our patients deal with

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EmotionalBodyProcess II: Theories and Evidence on Combining Imagery, Energy Medicine, and Awareness of Non-Local Mind

This paper discusses theories to explain EmotionalBodyProcess, a method involving imagery healing for transformation of negative energies. This innovative technique was described in IJHC Volume I, No. 1. Briefly, it involves the creation through imagery of a space where you concentrate the energies of of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and healing. Into this space you invite

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