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Contrasts That Define Each Other

It is impossible to know a thing without awareness of how it differs from others things. This is true for all of our experiences. Some of the simplest and clearest contrasts are in our sensory perceptions. For instance, visual light has a spectrum of colors from white, which is the combination of all colors through

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Self-Healing: Who is In Charge In My House?

Conventional medicine, and to a large extent conventional psychology as well, teach that the mind is a product of the electrochemical activity of the brain. Disturbances of psychological functions including both thoughts and emotions are explained as resulting from malfunctions in the nervous system and/or hormones of the body. Psychology allows that tensions in the

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Therapist resonations in wholistic healing

Psychotherapy can be far more than a process in which the therapist fixes the careseeker. In many cases, people in distress come for help with expectations that the therapist will tell them exactly what to do in order to rid them of their symptoms. Some therapists do this, as in behavioral approaches that are prescriptive

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Oneness: A healing chorus unifying our levels of beingness

Splits and divisions We are at odds with ourselves internally; we believe that the inner is fundamentally different from the outer, that what is me is quite separate from the not-me, that divisions among people and nations are necessary, and yet we wonder why there are tensions, conflicts, wars in the world. The conflicts begin

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Speculations on Two or Three Points for Transformation

Truth only reveals itself when one gives up all preconceived ideas .– Shoseki I am struck by the varieties of newer psychotherapeutic interventions that involve two or three modality stimulation of the brain and/or mind and/or body as a portion of their methodology. I speculate here on whether the multiple focus of awareness might be

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In this issue of IJHC

This issue of IJHC witnesses several shifts in: Our editorial staff: Promoting me to Editor in Chief, and promoting Ruth Sewell, PhD, Martina Steiger, ThD, BEd, MA, and Loren Toussaint, PhD to Editors; Editorials that may include staff other than myself, as in this issues; and Publication focus that will include a new section on

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Minding Our Business and Losing Our Mind: How can we recover our full consciousness after losing it, in time to save our civilization from suicide?

Wholistic healing opens us to consciousness of dimensions within and beyond the physical body that have been ignored by conventional medicine, psychology and by modern science as a whole. In addition to mind, which conventional science and medicine attribute solely to electrochemical activities of neurons in the brain, there are emotions, relationships with other people

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Remarkable Recoveries: An Endangered Species

The destiny of man is not measured by material computation. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we are spirits not animals. Winston Churchill This issue of IJHC features reports of several people who have had remarkable recoveries from varieties of physical problems. This aspect of wholistic healing that is

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Using any therapy as an opportunity to heal the collective consciousness and our planet: Lessons from Ho’oponopono and WHEE

There is fascinating, impressive research evidence suggesting that a collective consciousness exists. Meta-analyses confirming telepathy, clairsentience, psychokinesis as components of collective consciousness are of such a high confidence levels that the chances that these results are random occurrences range between less than one in a million to one in ten million billion billion. If we

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