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Category: Complementary Therapies

Novel Ideas: Evaluation of a Brief Trauma Tapping Training and Single Session Application

Gunilla Hamne, Ulf Sandström, Peta Stapleton A challenge in conflict resolution and peace building efforts for regions affected by war and genocide is the treatment of conditions such as post trauma stress disorder.  Previous examination of somatic based trauma approaches has indicated effectiveness with trauma in conflict zones. This brief clinical note outlines one such approach

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The effects of short term Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine intervention on long term PTSD and Depression

Western Medicine thus far has had little success with the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Acupuncture appears to have a reasonable success rate in treatment of PTSD, but most cases are not clear–cut. This is largely due to complicated life situations and concomitant heath issues. The population as a whole also has a relatively high rate of non-compliance.

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A Feasibility Study of Emotional Freedom Technique Taught in the Curriculum for Secondary School Students, to Reduce Stress and Test Anxiety and Enhance Coping Skills

Abstract Objective: This 2008 Feasibility Study explored the impact of teaching Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) as part of class curriculum for Secondary School students, as a self-care tool for reducing stress and test anxiety and for enhancing coping skills. Participants: Canadian students at a Secondary School taking Planning 10 courses, with combined Grades 10, 11 &

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